Great Dane Overview

You may be one of those who is afraid of big dogs. Naturally, they look dangerous because of their size and if they are running towards you, you will surely feel in danger. But be cool and stand on your spot if you met a Dane dog. They are friendly to people and are sweet unless it feels threatened that it needs to be defensive. Let us have some overview of this amazing dogs and let you be aware of it. Because of its size, you can surely experience many things that would fall down and be broken.

It is a prize for having a big dog. It can also knock off your children because of there size. That is why they have been breed originally with the purpose of hunting but now the version is very opposite. They have a very big heart and they like to be with families. If you are playing in the backyard, they also would like to join. They are calm even if they are big. If you do not really know them then you will be misunderstood them due to their size.

When it comes to barking, you will surely expect they have the loudest of the dog breeds given their size. But thankfully they are not the nuisance barkers so you can be sure you will not be disturbed at your sleep. they are quite in nature so you will not have any worries. That is why you can buy one even if you are living in an apartment. But be sure you can manage them going out and going in as you also need to walk them.